MEAN stack is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Developers use it to create web applications with the help of a collection of JavaScript technologies.

This makes the application completely based on JavaScript from the client to the end database. MEAN Stack is a full stack developmental tool that can be used to develop all kinds of applications relatively faster. A website’s speed is where the MEAN Stack comes to play. Reports suggest that more than 47% of people expect a website to load in about 2 seconds.

This developmental tool has become an essential means for developing…

React Native is growing at a rapid pace. The platform is all about good tools and faster development. Every business owner wants amazing performance, faster development, and quick release.

There are two major platforms Android and IOS, and the developer has to choose between user experience or development speed. To overcome this there are several frameworks. But the most prominent one is React Native. It can help you build a hybrid app with an amazing user experience because of the advanced features.

React Native was launched by Facebook back in the year 2015. Since then it has been the most…

With any JavaScript development, you always want to make the process as comfortable, fast, and simple as possible while also improving product quality. For this purpose, there are frameworks that greatly simplify the process and save a lot of time.

However, when you just start working on a project, you will immediately run into the problem of choosing the framework. Which one is better? Which one suits my project the best? These are some tricky questions I will try to cover in this article.

How to choose the right framework?

For a better understanding of the topic, let’s highlight that depending on the conditions and your…

At the baseline, every database is a collection of data and information organized in rows and columns in tables, which is stored in a computer system, i.e., a database service. This information is frequently updated, modified, or deleted as needed. We can compare a typical database to a room or rack at the office, which holds important files. If there is no defined and structured process to store and retrieve these files, we may not know how to handle it by understanding which file is stored at which rack and so on.

Like the above example, a database management system…

The financial industry is famous for being traditional in many aspects, but they are slowly introducing new technologies to their processes. These trends utilize financial technology (fintech) and affect customer service, risk management, and real-time assessments for years to come. The best part about fintech is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, which are still in their early stages. The potential for their use is promising.


Blockchain is a tech trend that has impacted the financial industry the most in recent years.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency, but it has many more applications besides that. It has…

If you’ve been following our release updates, then you definitely know we released integration with amCharts.

We feel this new shiny feature needs to be covered in more detail.

If you feel this way, too, make yourself comfortable and let’s figure out what this integration can bring to your reporting and data visualization processes.

But first, let’s take a closer look at what amCharts is.

About amCharts 📈

amCharts is a high-level data visualization library that provides interactive charts out of the box. As well as WebDataRocks, it’s compatible with React, Angular, Vue.js, and plain JavaScript.

The beauty of these charts deserves special…

Software production involves many stages, such as software design, software development, and many more. Software distribution is also an essential part of that process. It is like a logical continuation of development that determines where and how your end-user will get the product.

There are lots of platforms and stores offering themselves as a placement for your software. To decide whether to use this or another platform as a tool of distribution, you should certainly know who is your target audience and which platforms it uses most.

If you’re a JavaScript developer, you should research how JS libraries are usually…

The last update of WebDataRocks Pivot Table brought a lot of new tweaks that improved reporting a lot. It didn’t take long for us to prepare a new stack of features for flawless data visualization and analysis.

All along we’ve been working on extending our product’s integration opportunities, thus you will find new advancements to match new libraries and technologies. Being more specific, we made new integrations with Django, Jupyter Notebook & amCharts.

Get ready to learn more.🤓🙌

WebDataRocks Pivot Table with Python

We couldn’t overlook Python developers, as this language is so widely used for developing different web apps and software. It’s also the…

The value of data visualization can’t be overestimated. With it, you can make data expressive and insightful, which was raw and dry in the first place. Provided that it approached right, visualization makes complicated things appear more understandable and graspable to the audience.

By depicting data in graphs, maps, or pivot tables, you can deliver the same information more effectively. Sure, we could infinitely list the benefits of data visualization. But let’s get straight to the purpose of this blog post.

This time we suggest you become closer to competence in the data visualization field. We believe it’s a crucial…

Being a successful and competitive developer means always staying aware of the latest updates in your field. It is equally important to deepen your knowledge and skills according to those updates. However, don’t be afraid of this!

Fortunately, we have the internet to help us accomplish the task of self-education. We’ve prepared a collection of blogs and resources for developers, and you can be sure that you’re moving with the times!



Web developers and designers will undoubtedly profit from reading it! The website is self-described as a platform “for web professionals, by web professionals,” so if you categorize yourself as…


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